VA – The Roam Compilation, Vol. 5 [ROM092]

VA – The Roam Compilation, Vol. 5 [ROM092]

The Roam Compilation, Vol. 5

LABELS: Roam Recordings
STYLE: Indie Dance
RELEASE DATE: 2020-12-18
QUALITY: 320kbps


Alice de St Victor, Darlyn Vlys – Impact (Original Mix) 6:08 /120bpm/ Bmin
Amarcord – A New Day is Coming (Jason Peters Remix) 6:13 /0bpm/
Amarcord – Discoteca Nella Nebbia (Original Mix) 7:43 /110bpm/ F#maj
BTCOP – Left Without Logic (Moisees Remix) 6:07 /98bpm/ Dmaj
BTCOP – Left Without Logic (Original Mix) 7:35 /112bpm/ Gmaj
Darlyn Vlys, Alice de St Victor – Impact (Dobrance Remix) 6:17 /0bpm/
Darlyn Vlys – Shalamaher (Lauer Remix) 6:26 /120bpm/ Cmaj
FLXXX – The Past Has No Power (Local Suicide Remix) 6:12 /124bpm/ Cmaj
K-effect – El Naya (Original Mix) 7:53 /119bpm/ Dmaj
Silicodisco – Together It’s All (Musumeci Remix) 4:44 /120bpm/ Amin
Teniente Castillo – Recalibration (Jonathan Kusuma Remix) 8:18 /117bpm/ Cmaj
Tronik Youth – Brutal Force (Black Merlin Remix) 9:36 /120bpm/ Cmaj
Yes Father – 1969 (Dino Lenny & Francesco Farfa Mix) 7:47 /126bpm/ Emin
Yes Father – 1969 (Marvin & Guy Dub Mix) 5:38 /126bpm/ Bmin
Yes Father – Everything You Say (Dino Lenny & Francesco Farfa Mix) 8:33 /0bpm/


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