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VA – Defected Accapellas Deluxe Volume 9

VA – Defected Accapellas Deluxe Volume 9

Artist: VA
Title: Defected Accapellas Deluxe Volume 9
Genre: Electronica / Downtempo
Label: Defected
Quality: 320 kbps

Audiowhores, Ann Saunderson – Connected feat. Ann Saunderson (Accapella) (04:48)
Biboulakis, Nina Zeitlin – If Only Alarms Didn’t Ring feat. Nina Zeitlin (David Jones Accapella) (04:37)
Bit Funk – She’s Got Two Hearts (Accapella) (02:42)
Copyright, Imaani – Story Of My Life feat. Imaani (Accapella) (04:49)
Copyright, Nuwella Love – I’m All Yours feat. Nuwella Love (Accapella) (04:54)
DJ Meme, Brazilianism – Canto Pro Mar (DJ Meme Accapella Dub) (04:03)
David Herrero – Clap Your Hands (Accapella) (03:20)
David Herrero – Spanish Lick (Accapella) (04:13)
Guy Robin, Lucy Randell – Only You feat. Lucy Randell (Accapella) (05:10)
Guy Robin, Sherona Knight – Still Standing feat. Sherona Knight (Accapella) (05:49)
Human Life – In It Together (Accapella) (02:37)
Jade, Newland, DJ Vivona – Set Me Free feat. Jade (Accapella) (04:08)
James Talk, Ridney, Max C – One For Me feat. Max C (Accapella) (03:49)
Jean Jacques Smoothie, Tara Busch – 2People (2011 Rework) feat. Tara Busch (Accapella) (02:01)
Jocelyn Mathieu, UPZ aka Avi Elman – All Out feat. Jocelyn Mathieu (Accapella) (05:16)
John Jacobsen, G Martinez, Lisa Rudy – Getting On Down feat. Lisa Rudy (Accapella) (03:49)
Kathy Diamond, Kaine – Love Saves The Day feat. Kathy Diamond (Accapella) (05:59)
Kings Of Tomorrow, April – I Need To Love Me feat. April (Accapella) (03:40)
Michael Gray, Danism, DJ Rae – You Will Remember (Accapella) (04:51)
Nouveau Yorican – Chiuso (Chocolate Puma Accapella) (05:07)
Roy Davis Jr., J.Noize, Kaye Fox – Enjoy The Ride feat. J.Noize feat. Kaye Fox (James Talk & Ridney Accapella) (02:47)
Sidney Samson, Max C – Panorama (Don’t Mean A Thing) (Accapella) (02:48)
Simbad, Brian Temba – Come Join In feat. Brian Temba (Accapella) (05:09)
Simone Vitullo, Lady Vale – Never Give Up feat. Lady Vale (Accapella) (03:52)
Treasure Fingers – Its Love (Accapella) (04:11)

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