VA – Chicago HouseHeads Volume One [TTHRDR045]

VA – Chicago HouseHeads Volume One [TTHRDR045]

Chicago HouseHeads Volume One

LABELS: Tevo Howard Recordings
STYLE: House
RELEASE DATE: 2020-10-02
QUALITY: 320kbps


Akila Figroa – Echoin’ the Cyberman (Forever Pensive Mix) 6:35 /118bpm/ F#maj
Akila Figroa – Ghost of Bald Agnes (Original Mix) 4:25 /123bpm/ Fmaj
Chris Quinn – Ancient City (Original Mix) 12:10 /140bpm/ D#maj
Chris Quinn – Beneath the Surface (Original Mix) 9:33 /123bpm/ Dmaj
Chris Quinn – Light Years by Night (Original Mix) 9:33 /122bpm/ D#maj
LC Rivers – Downtown Man for Hire (LC Rivers Remix) 5:30 /120bpm/ Amin
Lokua – Dcaf Pt. 2 (Original Mix) 5:25 /127bpm/ Cmin
Lokua – Swamp (Original Mix) 5:40 /127bpm/ Amin
Lokua – Zero N (Original Mix) 6:48 /127bpm/ Fmaj
Lounge Fidelity – Because Everything Evolves Over Time Change Happens (BEEOTCH) (Original Mix) 6:10 /105bpm/ G#maj
Lounge Fidelity – Coincidence (Original Mix) 5:44 /124bpm/ Amin
Lounge Fidelity – SCUSI (Original Mix) 5:05 /124bpm/ Dmin
ReetaBix – Happiness (Original Mix) 3:48 /120bpm/ D#maj


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