The 200th [UXE200]

The 200th

LABELS: Uxoa Dutxa Elite
STYLE: Melodic House & Techno
RELEASE DATE: 2020-09-14
QUALITY: 320kbps


Amp – Thylacine (Original Mix) 7:21 /124bpm/ D#min
Arash Shadram – Nebula (Original Mix) 8:58 /123bpm/ Emaj
Arude – Edge (Original Mix) 6:11 /124bpm/ D#min
Bayma – Beyond the Masks (Agains the Time Remix) 5:27 /126bpm/ F#maj
Bessiff – Uncharted (The Note v Remix) 7:22 /122bpm/ A#min
Claudio Gasparini – Hyakki Yakou (Original Mix) 8:40 /120bpm/ Amin
Di Rugerio – Dark Side of Tulum (Original Mix) 7:32 /123bpm/ Dmin
Di Rugerio, Realm Of Chaos – Aeternis (TH Moy Remix) 8:11 /121bpm/ Dmin
Eleven Of July – Odderons (Original Mix) 7:19 /125bpm/ Amin
Evegrem – Stränder (Original Mix) 6:31 /123bpm/ Bmin
Heinick – Deep Forrest (Original Mix) 8:57 /126bpm/ Gmin
Indigo Man – Anxiety (Original Mix) 6:48 /124bpm/ G#min
Inopia (IT) – Abscence (Original Mix) 5:58 /126bpm/ Bmin
Mic Meimaroglou – Kiklos (Original Mix) 7:16 /128bpm/ Gmin
Realm Of Chaos – Ritual (Original Mix) 7:56 /122bpm/ D#maj
Riamiwo – Skalarus (Original Mix) 8:13 /125bpm/ F#maj
Tal Fussman – Pyramids (CRUXZ Remix) 6:02 /124bpm/ Cmin
Th Moy – Nerthus (Original Mix) 8:14 /120bpm/ Emin
U S H N U – Encode Soul (Original Mix) 6:43 /126bpm/ Amaj
V-Cious – Zaid (Audiction Remix) 7:48 /123bpm/ Dmaj


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