Releases DOWNLOAD 07.07.2021

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New Releases 07.07.2021

Melodic House & Techno, Tech House, Progressive House, Techno, Organic House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Indie Dance, Deep House, Afro House


2Qimic & Pedro Del Moral 2.0, Alenor – The Boys of Summer 2021 [Usanza].zip
Alexey Union & Jonk, Alexey Union – Sarabi [Tech Warriors].zip
Alfonso RV – La minga [Casa de locos label].zip
Aquarius Ezra – Loving the Dark [Androgyne Audio].zip
 Art in Motion – Maytrea [Plano B Records].zip
 Axel Zambrano – Time War [Another Life Music].zip
 Blue Amazon & Enrico Ponti – Shazz , Fluxx [Resonate Together].zip
 Dion Anthonijsz – Ramadan [AAAMSOUND].zip
 FckngNoise – Lfo 13 [Ode To Bass Records].zip
Hi Tech Chaos – Waterfall [Diana Recs].zip
 Luciano Scutari – Boom [Monkey Stereo Records].zip
Smoke G – Only [PULSE WAVE].zip
 Spanhol – Cryptology [Explore Records].zip
 Wakka & NimZ SL, Wakka – Sarangii [Estribo Records].zip
Alex Sounds – Supp [LMCS002].zip
Andres Power, Outcode – Rockit [ACR120].zip
ASKE – Coexist [SGN014].zip
 AWKD – I Got You (Extended Mix) [006].zip
Ben Ambergen, Kenny Musik – Screwface – Extended Mix [GNHX209B].zip
Ben Rainey, Caleb Laurenson – Love We Had (Extended Mix) [ITC3160BP].zip
 Caique Carvalho, Edu Marks – Follow Me [VOG052].zip
Carl Booth – Disco-Tek [DISF070].zip
 CHRSTPHR – We Don’t Stop [RIM047].zip
Cian Moynagh – Where Did We Go [PENANCE003].zip
 Crazibiza – Cali Soul (Tommyboy Remix) [PR628RR].zip
Crouwel – Soedin [LAB1096].zip
Dasq – Petrichor [GNR1005].zip
 Depart – Aftermath [001].zip
 DEVN6 – Kiwi [SIR202].zip
DGRACE, Sansixto – In a Minute (Extended Mix) [VNDLS013].zip
Dillon Nathaniel – Now We’re Back (Extended Mix) [190296622502].zip
 Diver City – Let’s Get I’ll [TR456].zip
 Doons – Break Down [RLT035].zip
Dxnby – Music Mind Incl. Tiorted & Canty Remixes [ASKT005].zip
 Hanne & Lore – Throwback Track [HS026].zip
 HOSH, Jalja – Tighter (feat. Jalja) (Extended) (Three Six Zero).zip
 Intr0beatz – Lunchbreak Riddmz [CTT064].zip
Jizz, Sheepie – Come Together (Thurman & Menesix Remixes) [SWD070R].zip
 Jonas Schmidt – I’m Tired (Love) [SIR1384].zip
 Konaidy, Olimus – This is Us [LSL026DJ].zip
Krespo – The Funk [NOID025B].zip
L-XIR – Hungry Puppet [ALULA084].zip
 Le Pacte – Birds [AMSEL080A].zip
 Lebedev (RU) – Filtered [RTM029].zip
 Leigh D Oliver – RIP [TGIT028].zip
 LIUFO – I Have Nothing [195497546961].zip
Liva K, Awen, Jordy (GR) – In Your Eyes [MIDH027].zip
M0B – Plaza Del Toros [TRANSA256].zip
Mirwais – 2016 – My Generation (Chloe Remix) (Les Productions 5050).zip
Moreno Pezzolato – Faithless [FMR182].zip
 Pipo Rodriguez – Wake Up [TOF291].zip
Roberto Rodriguez & Kenny Summit & Manny Queen – Afreekah Calling (Good For You).zip
Sascha Sonido – Relax Your Soul [CUE030].zip
Satin Jackets – Think About It (Remixes) (Eskimo).zip
Sound Dome – Wanna House [OCM074].zip
Stefano Pain – Don’t You Want Me [3199].zip
The Stoned – Deep In My Heart [A18].zip
 Tomas Castillo – High Sensitive [TOR007].zip
Tony Romanello – Luna-1 [RC160].zip
Torio, D. Lylez – Feel This – Extended Mix [BL2115DJ].zip
VA – Liquid Sky (Liquid Sky).zip
Vil & Cravo – Klockworks 32 (Klockworks).zip
 YORY – Have To Luv Me [TPO058].zip



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