Ray Okpara presents Best Of Ama Recordings Vol. 6 [AMACOMP006]

Ray Okpara presents Best Of Ama Recordings Vol. 6

LABELS: AMA Recordings
STYLE: Minimal / Deep Tech
RELEASE DATE: 2020-09-14
QUALITY: 320kbps


Alexis Cabrera – 21 (Fabe Remix) 7:40 /126bpm/ Dmin
Alexis Cabrera – Fris B (Original Mix) 12:25 /125bpm/ Amaj
Brodanse – Pea People (Original Mix) 6:53 /126bpm/ A#min
Chris Carrier, Gauthier DM – All You Desire (Sithou Remix) 7:07 /126bpm/ D#min
Chris Tietjen – Dont Answer (Meat & Chris Wood Remix) 8:42 /127bpm/ Amin
Christopher Lawrenz – Lagermisa (Original Mix) 9:44 /127bpm/ Amin
Christopher Lawrenz – Latin Sol (Luca Doobie Remix) 7:05 /122bpm/ Amin
Hot City Orchestra – Hot Box (Astelaguel, Ema Remedi, Manglus Remix) 8:16 /122bpm/ Amaj
Julien Bracht – Down Under (Original Mix) 6:40 /125bpm/ Amin
L’N’F – Mental Department (Ray Okpara Remix) 7:17 /123bpm/ Fmaj
L’N’F – Turturututuuu (Original Mix) 7:12 /125bpm/ Amin
Luca Doobie – Jung & Dirty (Original Mix) 7:25 /123bpm/ Cmin
Marco Marset – Lover (Original Mix) 6:15 /123bpm/ Amin
Marko Nastic – Solar Apex 1979 (Original Mix) 8:25 /122bpm/ Amaj
Mobius Strum, DJ Romain, Hype Hunnets – Luv In The Club (Original Mix) 6:35 /122bpm/ Bmaj
Nicke – Muck (Original Mix) 8:12 /121bpm/ A#min
Paco Wegmann – Outta My Way (Original Mix) 7:08 /125bpm/ Amin
Paolo Martini, Paul C – Special One (Original Mix) 6:48 /125bpm/ A#min
Paul Sparkes – Human (Ray Okpara Remix) 7:21 /123bpm/ Amin
Paul Sparkes – Hustler (Original Mix) 6:46 /122bpm/ Bmin
Ranacat – Graveyard Shift (Original Mix) 7:57 /121bpm/ Amin
Ray Okpara – Almost Thirty (Rays 2018 Re-Edit) 8:46 /124bpm/ A#min
Ray Okpara – Yeahump (The Willers Brothers Remix) 6:22 /127bpm/ A#maj
Ronan Portela – Stolen Groove (Original Mix) 7:02 /123bpm/ Amin
Steven Cock – Modulation (And.ID Dub Mix) 6:07 /129bpm/ A#min
Rick Sanders – Best of Ama Recordings, Vol. 2 (Continuous DJ Mix) 59:38 /123bpm/ Amin
Ray Okpara – DJ Mix Best of Ama Recordings Vol. 5 (Original Mix) 1:03:43 /123bpm/ Amin
Ray Okpara – AMA Mixology, Vol. 1 (Continuous DJ Mix) 22:51 /123bpm/ A#maj


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