Beatport Techno (Raw Deep Hypnotic) Chart February 2020

Beatport Techno (Raw Deep Hypnotic) Chart February 2020

Beatport Techno (Raw Deep Hypnotic) Chart February 2020

Alden Tyrell – Poly Zes (Original Mix) 05:14 128bpm Amaj Clone Basement Series
Ansome – Pedal To The Metal (Original Mix) 05:00 129bpm D#min Perc Trax
Den Nard Husher – Vector (Original Mix) 05:47 120bpm Amaj LAHAR
Feral – Invocation (Original Mix) 07:29 128bpm Fmaj Hypnus Records
Forest Drive West – Drift (Original Mix) 06:27 121bpm Bmin Echocord
Giri – Apathy (Original Mix) 05:20 128bpm Dmin AWRY
Illektrolab – Paranoid Android (Original Mix) 06:02 138bpm Amaj brokntoys
Karenn – Crush the Mushrooms (Original Mix) 06:31 140bpm Bmin Voam
Ko-Ta – Study 1 (Original Mix) 07:17 134bpm Amin Tikita
Luigi Tozzi – Satyr (Original Mix) 06:07 128bpm Fmaj Non Series
Malin Genie, Yaleesa Hall – Stocha (Original Mix) 07:05 123bpm Fmaj Malin Genie Music
Peter Van Hoesen – Endorphin Machine Dynamics (Original Mix) 05:26 129bpm Amin Time To Express
Phase Fatale – Binding By Oath (Original Mix) 06:06 110bpm D#min Ostgut Ton
Stanislav Tolkachev – Influx (Original Mix) 07:30 135bpm Amin Dystant Recordings
STL – Sunny Park Chill (Original Mix) 08:40 120bpm Amin The Untold Stories
Traversable Wormhole – Geodesic Motion (Original Mix) 06:37 128bpm Amin Traversable Wormhole
Vaeg – Anceps Animi (Original Mix) 06:25 127bpm Dmaj Analog Solutions
Vohkinne – Perceived Augmentation of Light (DJ Spider Remix) 05:54 135bpm A#min Atrophic Society
VSK – Grida e Caos (Original Mix) 05:55 133bpm A#min Mord


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